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  The renewable energy policy at Yonghua Civic Center promotes solar power generation system jointly built by Tainan City Government and the solar industry completed and commenced in 2015 with a total capacity of 150kWp and annual output of24Kw. At the establishment cost of NT$12 million, the system produces and sells energy output to TaiPower to receive an annual income of 1.25 million. It is expected to have breakeven within 11 to 12 years.Tainan City Government will receive annual royalty of NT$190,000 and reduce CO2 emission by 150,000 Kg. 

Yonghua Civic Center Building and Solar Power System,7 pictures in total.


The Secretariat, a first-level, central administrative office of the Tainan City Government, is made up of six divisions: Special Affairs, Documentation, General Affairs, Office Management, Procurement Management, and Archives. It oversees general-secretary duties, gift-exchange and commendation ceremonies, official receptions, manages the mayor's event calendar and media appearances, and supervises the handling of civil petitions. The Secretariat also processes official documents and records, manages general administrative matters, administers office upkeeps, organizes workshops on procurement management, audits and corrects procurement misconducts, to ensure that all the organizational services are on track.
In light of central government's managerial reconstruction programs and socio-cultural evolutions that constantly redefine the community, the Secretariat vows to provide a respectful, healthy, and empowering workplace for its administrative team in a spirit of "honorability, excellence, efficiency, and innovation." In so doing, the Secretariat meets its goal to upgrade Tainan City Government's competitiveness and service efficiency, and steadfastly fulfills Mayor Lai's vision - "the Future Right Now," while living up to Tainan citizens' expectations as a high-performing, citizen-centric government body.  
To that end, the Secretariat pledges to serve proactively, and administer efficiently, to provide a robust, user-friendly service to all citizens. Readily-accessible communication channels are open to ensure positive public relations; digitization service are installed to expedite document and information processing. Service facilities and amenities of both civic centers are fortified to fulfill goals specified in the "five conservation programs" (water, power, gas, paper, and free-of-charge intercommunication phone calls within city hall premises) for better energy stewardship. Government staff's procurement management skills and discernment are boosted to honor service integrity.  In brief, the city government works to improve its citizen services, promote its culturally-focused programs, and champion Mayor Lai's governance principles of "administrative integrity and efficiency; citizen outreach and lifestyle wellness."  

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