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  1. Preparing silk or paper scrolls with messages of well-wishing, condolences, and elegiac couplets, embroidered satin banners of the Eight Immortals, horizontal boards with inscriptions, and inscribed dedications for weddings, funerals and special occasions to be presented by mayor.
  2. Supervising gift-exchange and commendation ceremonies for mayor.
  3. Fielding petitions by representatives and community leaders.
  4. Overseeing mayor's event calendar and assignments.
  5. Screening and processing correspondences addressed to mayor, or those requiring his attention.
  6. Liaison with municipal affairs consultants/advisors.
  7. Other special affairs requiring public supervision.

TEL: (06) 2991518, (06) 2981282
FAX: (06) 2992528
E-mail : ag113wjs@mail.tainan.gov.tw